Indulge Yourself….In just 2 hours learn the Tricks of the Trade to create your own stunning Makeup Look! Only $149,-

1-1 Private Makeup Consultation with Jay Jay

You will spend 2 hours with Jay Jay, who has worked for over 25 years with many celebrities in the Fashion, Beauty, Wedding and TV Industry. Jay Jay has developed a timeless set of makeup skills and knowledge for you to take advantage of. If your secret desire has always been how to apply a perfect natural day look in just 15 minutes, well here’s your chance to learn from a leading makeup industry professional.

You can ask Jay Jay all of your questions and learn the 5 celebrity secrets that they don’t want you to know.

During your 2-hours with Jay Jay in our CBD Makeup Studio, Jay Jay will firstly apply the makeup of your desired look, as you relax in a comfortable chair. Throughout the consultation, Jay Jay will talk about the styles and techniques of makeup application and then provide clear, concise professional instruction as you re-create the looks of your choice under her supervision.

This private makeup consultation with Jay Jay can also be taken with a friend or daughter and get a professional makeup lesson together?

Makeup School Sydney which is conveniently located in the heart of Sydney CBD. The organization is an RTO certified by the Australian Skills Quality Authority. Students from all over Austral-Asia come for professional training to become a Nationally Accredited Makeup Artist. Makeup School Sydney has successfully graduated over 400 students.

Looking for that perfect Birthday present or that special Christmas surprise, then why not purchase a one-one private consultation with Jay Jay for a gift that has that certain something special ?

A 1 on 1 private Makeup Consultation Gift is also becoming popular gift for the upcoming bride, or a wedding present for those who are looking for something a little more unique and original.

Price: $149

Book your private makeup consultation with Jay Jay today and you will learn:

 Tools of the trade – Learn about the tools you will need for a makeup kit and how to use them
 Skin Analysis – Learn about your skin type and different makeup techniques that suits you
 Facial Correction – Study your facial structure and colour theory. Learn how to modify and form face shapes by contouring and concealing
 Eye makeup – Learn different eyes shapes and their correction, and all the elements of eye makeup including eyeliner, mascara and other eye products
 Eyebrow design and colour theory – Study the different types of eyebrows and learn to change their shape for different occasions
 Learn the corporate look for that most important interview
 Learn to look fabulous for that special occasion or Gala-Event
 Learn what to have in your makeup kit, all the trendy and healthy makeup products in the market and of course what best suits you!

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