Student Testimonial: Certificate II in Design and Apply Makeup

Student review :
Certificate II in Design and Apply Makeup – Makeup School Sydney

I started the course with Makeup School Sydney in June 2011. I found the course very beneficial. Our class was given the opportunity in our third week to do makeup for the Keune Hair Show, which was fantastic as we really got to see how the industry works and, for me, I got an understanding on how to mix my foundation colours to achieve the perfect colour for each model. Our classes were small so it allowed us to have one-on-one time with Jay who explained to us the proper techniques, and how to fix what we may have done incorrect. Jay also was able to give us proper positive feedback, which was really good because I did not feel like I was another pupil in a massive class being overlooked. I also liked the fact that Jay did not try to push her products on us, it made me personally feel like she was not just about making money, she was there to teach us and build a proper teacher/student relationship with us. However, I personally find Mikatvonk products great and will continue to use them throughout my career. The products, kit and course was very affordable and the flexible hours Jay has set up really fit in with my work schedule. I would definitely recommend Makeup School Sydney to anyone who wanted to get a kick start into the makeup industry.

– Kirsty Parsons