Prepping skin before makeup

The look of makeup in the millennium is now to have a dewy fresh base this is only achievable if ones skin is well maintained and has a polished look, so no dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, should be visible especially if one wears a base foundation and powder this is possible by doing the following steps says Jay Jay from Makeup School Sydney she recommends:
Botonix Skin Care
Preparing your skin before makeup:

Step 1: Cleanse skin morning and night with Micellar and or foaming cleanser.
Step 2: Gently exfoliate the skin with an exfoliator, we recommend the “MicroFoliant” by Dermalogica $84 AUD or an alternative rice powder from your local Woolworths only $3 AUD.
Step 3: Use a sheet mask to hydrate the skin. You can by many sheet masks we recommend the “Botonix Repair Capsule Sheet mask” $5 AUD