Makeup School Sydney Work Experience!

Ever wondered how to gain industry work experience as a makeup artist? Makeup School Sydney offers all its students work experience opportunities as they come up to help them get a foot-in-the-door to this exciting, creative industry. We recently sent some promising students off to work on a real photo shoot with Complete Wedding magazine.

Two students, Kristina Djunedi and Kertu Oja, came along to the shoot for work experience and enjoyed an amazing day at Neilson Park. Assisting a makeup artist is a brilliant way to learn hands-on techniques in real-life situations. By assisting Jay Jay on the shoot, the girls had their first chance to really soak up some of the tricks of the makeup industry trade – everything from how Jay Jay lays out her makeup station, and which products she used and how she applied them to how she worked together with other creative industry professionals on a photo shoot. This kind of experience is invaluable for any budding makeup artist!

Would you love to work on a magazine photo shoot or backstage at a catwalk? Enrol in an accredited makeup course at Makeup School Sydney and you’ll have the opportunity to gain industry work experience while you study!

Take a peek at some snapshots from their experience – this could be you next time!