How do I become a Makeup Artist?

To become a makeup artist in the fashion and wedding makeup industry you need to complete an accredited makeup course: a Certificate 2 in Design and Apply Makeup (WBRFS202B) at the Makeup School Sydney.

After completing this accredited makeup course, you then need to create a portfolio of professional-looking pictures of your work. You can approach photographers directly to ‘test’ for them (which means you do makeup free in exchange for the right to negotiate having the picture in your portfolio). If you study at Makeup School Sydney, you’ll already be building your portfolio while you study as we do photo shoots during the course.

Once you have about a dozen pictures in a portfolio, you can take it to a makeup Agency. If they like your work, they will then promote you in the fashion industry when jobs become available. If you show talent and a healthy work ethic, you’re chances of being rebooked for makeup work are high and, with each job, you can build on your portfolio, shoot by shoot.

You can also set up your own website and present your work online. For beginners, Instagram is a quick and easy entry point as you can practise on friends and family and start showcasing your work immediately.

A professional portfolio is essential for every makeup artist

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