Hi Jay Jay, I just wanted to thank you s

Hi Jay Jay,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the 3 day intense course. I had a great time trying out all the different famous looks there is out there. I also really enjoyed the Brazilian look where you allowed us to express our creativity.
Those 3 days showed me that i really am passionate about being a makeup artist not for the money but for the ability to show my creativity and also have the feeling of knowing i have made someone more beautiful than they already are. Before i did the makeup party you invited me to, i had no clue about makeup, no clue and taking your course has gained me that knowledge and skill to be passionate about it. As you mentioned a few times ‘practice, practice’ which i will take on board everyday.
Thank you again for being a great teacher to show us your tricks and share your knowledge to ones who want to be in this industry. You make the faces look saw flawless all the time and i will remember your quote ‘less is more’.
I would also like to let you know my models and I love your range of products i will definitely be purchasing my makeup from you.
Again thank you.