When you’re starting out as a makeup artist, you’ll quickly learn how to tailor your skills to each job. Makeup for catwalk modelling is slightly different from the kind of makeup you will do for fashion photography. How exactly?

Makeup pro Jay Jay working with a model on set

If you’re working on a fashion advertising shoot, the makeup artist always consults with the brand’s Fashion Designer to see what ‘look’ they have in mind.

When shooting with a fashion magazine, you’ll be working with the magazine art director as well as the stylist to determine what kind of makeup will suit.

On a catwalk, the models are on stage and are some distance from the audience. The lights are also very bright, so the makeup has to stand out more. The colours need to be a little stronger and bolder and, generally, a little more powder is used to remove any shine from  showing under the hot, bright lights.

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Jay Jay is a fully-qualified makeup teacher at the Makeup School Sydney and has over 25 years industry experience as a hair and makeup artist.

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