Do you have a creative eye and a passion for makeup and beauty? Then you may want to consider enrolling in our Certificate III in Makeup. This nationally recognised, accredited course will prepare you with all the practical knowledge you will need for a successful career in makeup. 

Our course is conducted in our Sydney CBD studio. Classes are filled with like-minded students who create an inclusive and energetic learning environment. Throughout the course you will learn all the technical skills you need, and are given countless opportunities for practical experience, so once you complete the course you are makeup artist ready and can begin your new career!

 Our Certificate III in Makeup course can present you with a number of career opportunities including:

Not only will you be able to start a career as a makeup artist, our course will also give you essential knowledge in starting your own small business!

What a better way to start the New Year than pursuing your dreams of a career in makeup?

We are currently accepting enrolments in our next round of Certificate III in Makeup so enrol now and START YOUR MAKEUP JOURNEY

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