Beach babe look !

How to manage makeup in the heat.
Jay Jay Recommends, as it is hot weather anyway let’s choose for the “Dewy” look.

Start buy cleaning the face with cleansing water.

Hydrate your face with a moisturiser containing a slight SPF to protect your face against the UV ray’s. I recommend “Ipse Botonix Age-Defying emulsion, SPF 15.

Prime time! to add extra hydration, maintains the makeup in place and gives pre colour- corrector to the face.

It’s cover time! I suggest NO foundations, only concealer for where its needed eg. dark circles, blemishes or scaring. We have the amazing BB cover concealer (BB stands for beauty balm which also contains primer). This BB concealer is extremely hydrating, waxy and easy to blend. For those who have a slight lines or creases under their eyes this product will not make under-eyes look waxy. This product comes in 3 shades; Natural Beige (Fair skin tone), Skin Beige (Slight olive skin tone), Dark Beige (sun kissed skin).

Mascara, Collagen smudge proof mascara in black apply in zig zag motions leaning against the hair.

Apply a light brush of our “Pink Point Blusher” on the apples of the cheeks using a angled blush brush. To add a pop of colour to the lips I recommend using our “Shine-Up Gloss” in shade “Orange soothing”.

4 in 1 cleansing water:
Ipse Botonix Age-defying emulsion:
BB cover conealer:
Collagen Mascara:
Shine-Up Lip Gloss:

Enjoy your summer xoxo Jay Jay