Provide Lash and Brow Services SHBBFAS004

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to analyse the lash and brow needs of clients and provide a range of treatments that may include lash and brow colouring, brow shaping and lash perming.

Lash and brow treatments are provided in response to client consultation. They involve the performance of known procedures where some discretion and judgement is required in the selection of products, equipment, and contingency measures within commercial service time constraints.


161 Elizabeth street in the City entrance next to the reception Sheraton on the park.

Time frame:

Saturday 2 hours on Zoom theory 
Sunday 10 am till 4pm practical 
Monday 5:30 pm till 8:30pm 
In this Unit you will learn 
  • Health and and Hygiene guidelines for lash and brow services. 
  • How to perform a patch test 
  • how to conduct a lash and brow consultation 
  • How to create a lash and or brow treatment plan
  • How to shape brows properly 
  • How to tint eyelashes and eyebrows 
  • How to evaluate lash and. brow services 
  • How to clean the service area after completing lash and brow treatment.

Benchmarks observation:

  1. Eyebrow shape x2
  2. Eyebrow Tint x 2
  3. Eyelash tint x 2 
  4. The other 2 can be of your own choosing ,
You will be required after the weekend to answer a series of knowledge questions bas on the informaiton you have learned during the zoom this includes Health and Hygiene, following manufacturer instructions and safety data sheets.

Kits available to purchase:

Waxing kit @$170
Double wax pot’
Strip wax
Hot wax
Role of strips
Box of wax applicators

Tinting Kit $170
Tinting kit with 7 lash and brow tints
Eye makeup remover
Tint remover
Mixing tray
Tint applicators

Cost of course:

The Course cost is $250.00, Lash lifting workshop is an Extra $150.00.

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