Apply Eyelash Extensions SHBBMUP001

Makeup School Sydney is following the latest trends in the industry and has noticed the demand for makeup artists and beauty technicians wanting to learn the skills involved in applying eyelash extensions. If you want to work in the eyelash extension industry or add more skills to your Makeup Artist skill set, this accredited course online will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to safely and effectively apply eyelash extensions. The e-learning platform is complemented with scheduled live Zoom classes by our teachers.

Details on Eyelash Extensions Course

In this unit you will learn about:

  • Health, hygiene and legal responsibilities for eyelash extensions service.
  • The eyelash growth cycle.
  • Products and equipment needed to perform the service.
  • Analysing your client’s eye shape and natural lashes.
  • Choosing the appropriate length, thickness and curl of extension
  • How to perform a consultation with your client and develop an eyelash extension treatment plan.
  • Applying a full set of eyelash extensions, remove extensions and perform infill services.
  • Advice on post lash service care for your clients.
  • 3 different styles of extensions as shown below.

Eyelash Extension Types